Our Lectures

We came up with lectures that fit everyone without a need to dive deep. While there are many subjects to talk about in this field, we have picked only subjects that are rarely spoken about in public lectures of this field.

Why are the biggest findings in Psychology not applied in our everyday?

Psychology is the science of behaviour & mind. This means that each discovery in psychology has potential of being relevant to our life, as human beings with mind & behaviour (no surprise there).
The best thing about this - some of these discoveries actually have implications in our everyday life, and can effect our focus, happiness, judgement, the way we effect others, and more - and those can be easily applied by us. Isn't this the most valuable knowledge you could own?

We don't need motivational conent- we need motivational systems

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems" - James Clear.
Our normative view of motivation and persistence is filled with misconceptions: From failure to maintain changes, to very unclear models of how motivation works.
This lecture demonstrates academic theories and what we learned about dealing with lack of motivation; through creation of “systems” that maintains and provides that motivation over time.

We don’t need motivational content - we need Motivational Systems

  • Be responsible for each other's success
  • Commiting on work sessions
  • Weekly goals